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1st - 4th Conferences, 1996-1999

International Health Workforce Collaborative LogoThe conference topics for each of the first four conferences are listed below.

4th Conference, San Francisco, United States of America, 1999

  • Women In Medicine
  • Medical Migration
  • Productivity

3rd Conference, Cambridge, England, 1998

  • Information Technology And Health Care In Isolated Communities
  • Scope Of Practice And Microplanning The Medical Workforce
  • Integrated Planning - Working in Teams

2nd Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 1997

  • Overservicing
  • Primary Care Reform
  • Workforce Substitution

1st Conference, Washington, United States of America, 1996

  • Physician Workforce Issues: Policy, Planning and Projections
  • Physician Workforce Supply And Requirements Determination
  • Geographic Distribution Policies
  • Postgraduate Medical Education/Residency Training Issues
  • Physician Resource Data Bases
  • A Physician Workforce Research Agenda