International Medical Workforce Collaborative

8th Conference, Washington 2004

This series of conferences brings together policy makers and academics from the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom with responsibility for and interests in medical workforce issues. The participant mix has traditionally included both policy makers, medical practitioners and economists, and the approach taken seeks to be rigorous and evidence based.

The aims of the conferences are:

The format of the conferences has been designed to generate as much interaction amongst the participants as possible. The topics to be discussed at an upcoming conference are generated at the previous conference by discussion amongst the planning committee and with input from the participants at large. Each country then conscripts authors to prepare papers on each topic; these papers are circulated in advance to all participants.

The papers are not presented at the conference but a pre-selected discussant presents a compilation of the four papers as a prelude to opening up the discussion to the floor. Conference proceedings and publication of all the papers has been undertaken since the 1999 conference.

Publication of the papers in the peer-reviewed literature has been at the discretion of the authors.